Donald Trump and Sweden

So what is Donald Trump on about now? At a Florida rally on Saturday night whilst discussing terrorism he said ‘you look at last night what happened in Sweden, ‘ apparently referring to a terrorist attack.  Yet the most serious event in Sweden’s news was a police car chasing a drunk driver through the streets of Stockholm….Some Swedes joked that Trump perhaps heard that a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) got burnt.

The White House has now released a comment stating that Trump was not referring to one particular event but rather about general rising crime in Sweden.  Then why did he say ‘last night’?  Nevertheless, there is a serious point here. In 2015, Sweden  received more immigrants per capita than any other European picture and the country’s infrastructure is struggling to cope.  There are problems finding refugees accommodation, the welfare system is being stretched and there are problems of integration; resentment towards immigrants from native Swedes is sadly growing and crime is likely to rise.  The problems are not easy to resolve but need to be seriously addressed.  Trump may not have his facts right but he has drawn attention to a sad fact, Sweden is struggling to cope with immigration.


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