Bukowski’s highlights

Had a good evening at the Swedish Ambassador’s elegant Adam residence in Portland Place earlier in the week.  Bukowski’s auction house hosted an evening there to promote their forthcoming winter auctions in Stockholm.  While they did not physically bring any works, two specialists gave an engaging talk on ‘Current trends in Collecting’ which focused mainly on Gustavian furniture and modern and contemporary paintings and photography.  It seems photography (particularly with celebrity connections) is all the rage in Sweden at the moment to decorate the white minamalist homes currently in vogue.  Old Master paintings are a bit out of fashion but I foresee a come back…

The Swedish Ambassador asked me whether I had any tips on entertaining a nearly two year old in London.  It turns out that this was in reference to Crown Princess Victoria’s visit to London with baby Estelle who is slightly older than my son.  London zoo I offered…The science music is also fantastic for the very wee ones.  Any more tips?

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Masterpiece and Madeleine

Today is the last day of the art fair Masterpiece, held at Chelsea Royal Hospital, London’s closest thing to Maastricht.  I meandered over on Thursday with a friend who works in Christie’s jewellery department; some gorgeous jewellery on show.  The Scandinavian paintings were a bit of a slim picking- the odd nineteenth century piece at a couple of London and New York dealers.  However, we did spot the newly married, Princess Madeleine wandering around with her hubby, Chris- on the hunt for a few pieces for their marital home perhaps…

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