Livstycket (The Bodice)

On Wednesday, I attended a really inspiring event at the Swedish Ambassador’s elegant Adam residence; the evening was promoting Livstycket, a not for profit organisation helping Swedish female immigrants, many from war torn countries. The organisation was founded in 1992 by Birgitta Notlöf- a vivacious, energetic and lively lady who gave an impassioned speech at the Residence.

Livstycket is literally translated as ‘bodice’- the garment worn by women throughout the ages both to provide them with warmth and support.  The organisation gives women, who arrive in Sweden help with learning the Swedish language, IT skills and general assistance with integration (a serious problem in Sweden for immigrants).  The women draw images of their experiences and their sketches and designs are made into patterns by a professional designer.  The patterns are printed onto high quality fabrics, made into cushions, tea towels, bags, clothes, you name it- many of which were on display at the Residence, and are available to buy on the Livstycket website.  There are some really gorgeous prints and designs- I particularly liked the quirky map of Stockholm with Tensta, a suburb of the city with a high concentration of immigrants, appearing in the heart of Stockholm where frankly very few immigrants live and where Livstycket is based.

Stockholm by Livstycket

Stockholm by Livstycket


Birgitta Notlöf has done some fantastic work and I hope that Livstycket continues to flourish.

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