Gott Nytt År!

Happy New Year!  It feels as though this week everyone is getting fully back to work/ school and into a proper routine again.  I spent Christmas in Stockholm and it felt like proper Scandinavian Christmas with lots of candles, Swedish Christmas food such as home cured gravad lax, a variety of herrings and rice porridge and a visit from the Jultomte on Christmas Eve, the main day of celebration in Scandinavia.

Julbord starter!

We did lots of fun Christmassy things with the kids such as a visit to Skansen, the big open air animal park with historical houses and dwellings from different parts of Sweden. Skansen always has a big Christmas market selling food, textiles, decorations etc and an outdoor dance floor where you can dance round the Christmas tree.  It’s a magical place.

A new discovery for me on this visit to Stockholm from a children’s point of view was Nordiska Museum which has recently opened a new room, the Children’s Playhouse, where you basically step back in time to 1895.  There is a grocery store to shop in, a mill, a little farmhouse, period clothes to dress up and so on.  My kids had lots of fun running around, exploring and playing make believe.

Nordiska Museum, Stockholm

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