Mamma Mia the Party

Politics in the UK at the moment are strange, messy, divisive and frankly quite depressing.  So a night out in Niko’s taverna immersed in ABBA music seemed like the perfect antidote.  ‘Niko’s taverna’ can currently be found at London’s O2 Arena where ‘Mamma Mia the Party’ opened in September.    

Mamma Mia the Party is the brain child of ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus who at the age of 74, seems to have the energy of a twenty-one year old.  He has worked with talented musical producer, Ingrid Sutej, to create a very clever concept, an immersive theatrical/dining experience, where you, the guest, are at the centre of the action; drink, eat and ultimately dance and party.  Mamma Mia the Party started in Stockholm at Tyrol (part of Gröna lund) in 2015, where it was a huge success resulting in it expanding to London.  And Swedish West Coasters look out- it  will be in Gothenburg from September 2020.   

I have visited the O2 on a few previous occasions and was immediately struck by how cleverly the dark arena space had been transformed into an airy, light Greek courtyard complete with bougainvilleas, olive trees and a central fountain.  Tables were generously spaced around the room with some in a gallery at a higher level.  Björn is a perfectionist and the attention to detail is impressive, even the knives and forks had been placed in attractive, retro Greek olive oil cans. We enjoyed a four course Mediterranean meal, which was of impressive quality with a most delicious bread basket! 

All the ABBA songs are there, the performers have lots of energy and talent (there is even some trapeze work) and the script of the play is witty with several jokes adapted to the country they are performing in (ie the odd Brexit one in London).  It’s not a cheap night out (tickets are from £160 including food and entertainment) but it’s definitely an uplifting night: the atmosphere was great, full of energy and warmth.  By the end of the evening, everyone at our table was up on their feet. Thank you for the music!

This post also appears in Nordic Style Magazine.

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