Penelope Cruz for Lindex

Quite an interesting interview with Penelope Cruz in last month’s Swedish Elle. Cruz is currently modelling for Swedish budget clothing company, Lindex; she sounded extremely disintressed in Swedish fashion in the interview.  When asked whether she knew anything about Scandinavian fashion, other than the fact that fellow Oscar winners, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon had previously modelled for Lindex, she replied ‘no’- end of topic of conversation…I remember reading a similar interview with Paltrow, when she was modelling for them, and she was far more effusive about Lindex and Scandi fashion in general (but then you would expect Gwynnie to have done her research).  In any case, it was quite refreshing to read a non-sycophantic article about a Hollywood ‘A’ lister.

Lindex are a good affordable, casual clothing brand.  Personally, I prefer their kiddy section to the adults- some great, smart- casual clothes for the little ones.  My one year old has been happily toddling around in their shorts and T-shirts in this hot summer weather.

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