Below the Surface

There is a new Danish crime thriller currently showing on BBC4.  It sounded very promising- made by the producers of Borgen and the Killing (both of which I loved, particularly Borgen for its superb acting, great storyline and stunning shots of Copenhagen including some interiors with lighting to die for (Danish design rocks).

Anyway back to the new Danish drama: Below the Surface is about a terrorist attack on the Copenhagen metro resulting in 15 members of the Danish public being held hostage and the whole underground system being shut down.  OK, that could happen, I guess, and I was gripped by the first 2 episodes which were fast moving and left you hanging on.  But episodes 3 and 4 just got too far fetched with mass shootings, implausible interactions between the terrorists and an uber ambitious  journalist/blogger and I gave up on it. Am hoping for something more on the lines of Borgen next time round….

Below the Surface is currently airing at 9pm on Saturdays on BBC4.

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