Stockholm, Sweden

Skansen is an outdoor park containing animals indiginous to Sweden- search for bears, seals, wolverine and moose.  There are restaurants here/ playgrounds/train and donkey rides and LillSkansen (Little Skansen containing smaller animals is fun for small kids.  Shows are performed to entertain children and at Christmas there is a wonderful Christmas market and an opportunity to dance round a Christmas tree.  Adults will be interested to see the wooden houses transported from different parts of Sweden and illustrating the country’s history.

Tekniska Museet The science museum has a lot to offer children, small and big.  There is a large play area in the basement for toddlers; slightly older children can play with mirrors and virtual sculptures and experiment with light and sound.  Throughout the museum, there are plenty of interactive exhibits for children to engage with.

Police Museet  The police museum is a favourite of my sons.  Even though the children’s area is very small, there is a police motorbike and police car to sit in and a jail to lock people up in. In front of the museum is a car track with cars for hire for the kids to ride. It is free for children and the little ones love it.  Probably not worth a journey on its own unless you love police but it is right next to Tekniska Museum so you can combine the 2 museums.

Nordiska Museet This rather old fashioned but charming museum tells the story of Nordic traditions from the sixteenth century onwards.  There is a large children’s room called the Children’s Playhouse, where you basically step back in time to Sweden in1895. There is a grocery store to shop in, a horse and cart to ride, a mill, a little farmhouse, period clothes to dress up and so on.

Gronalund Stockholm’s funfair.  An amusement park for kids young and old in a very pretty setting by the water.  Do not expect anything massive but there are plenty of rides and in the summer there are performances of children’s shows.