Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is a small harbour city and it is just nice to wander around, have a coffee and take a ride on the ‘Paddan’- the little frog boats that go along the river. Here are a couple of good things to do with kids.

Universeum Here is technology, nature, chemistry and science all under one roof.  There is a rainforest area to crawl about in and explore, an ocean zone and a space section.  It is all very interactive and varied and good for children of all ages.  Tickets are expensive but you can easily spend the whole day here.  Didn’t love the restaurant but otherwise it was great.

Maritiman Gothenburg is a harbour city so it feels right to do something with kids involving boats.  This ‘museum’ allows you to explore different kind of boats (including a submarine) both inside and outside in a beautiful setting.  There are various special activities arranged for kids.