Food scares

Noma, the two Michelin starred restaurant in Copenhagen, voted the world’s best restaurant three years in a row, has been hit with food poisoning. 63 out of 78 customers who ate there over a four day period came down with Roskilde virus causing vomiting and diarrhoea.  It is most unusual for Scandinavians not to be scrupulous about hygiene- perhaps this was just extremely bad luck.  Everyone I know who has dined at Noma describes an exceptional culinary adventure; I have a feeling that Noma will ride this wave…

It has not been a great week for Scandinavian food what with horse meat discovered in Ikea meatballs (no surprises there- nasty processed things, no patch on the real thing), and more worryingly Ikea chocolate almond cake discovered to contain ‘faecal bacteria’.  I think Ikea furniture is fantastic for lots of purposes but on a recent visit to Ikea in North London, I thought all the food on offer in the restaurant was pretty much inedible; not a great advert for Scandi food which can be delicious.

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