Chelsea Flower Show

I attended the opening of Chelsea Flower Show last week.  The hugely talented Swedish landscape architect, Ulf Nordfjell, who has designed and won prizes for several gardens at Chelsea in the past, did not appear this year.  However, there was a distinct Scandinavian flavour in the Viking Cruises garden, designed by Alan Gardner- birch tree and delicate white and blue flowers; cool, fresh and contemporary.    A mirrored sculpture clean cut resembled the helm of a Viking ship. The pale wooden floor was wet (I am not quite sure if this was deliberate or whether it was because it had rained earlier in the day) but it had the feel of running out of the sea dripping wet and heading straight for the sauna, then running out again and repeating the experience.

Viking Cruises Garden, Chelsea Flower Show.

Viking Cruises Garden, Chelsea Flower Show.

There were some beautiful gardens at Chelsea and it was a joy to walk around.  I particularly liked the smaller artisan gardens- charming, quirky and full of personality and character.



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